Our Story

Story about us

2017 is a special year, mortals say every decade is a cycle, that is an evidence of courage and love for shop owners. Leaving the previous job and setting up a new studio, I have always been grateful for the support of friends from all walks of life! I hope to use my little obsession with food to create more delicious and colorful cakes.

Our Cakes

Our signature cake base with our special recipe using finest ingredients in order to give you not only a nicely outlook cake but also delicious taste. It is the cake in sponge cake and butter cake. Main ingredients are plain flour from Japan, white butter from Korea, white eggs & fresh milk from Japan and local sugar.

Cake Base

1. Vanillacake + Fresh Stawberry
2. Valrhona Chocolatecake+ Homemade Blueberry Jam
3. Japanese Matchacake+ Red Bean
4. Earl Grey teacake + Lemon Custard(+$100)
5. Japanese Juzu cake + Homemade Juzu Jam(+$100)
6. Rose Cake+ Homemade Rasberry Lychee Jam(+$100)

Outer buttercream flavor

1. Lemon
2. Vanilla
3. Valrhona White Chocolate
4. Janpanese Yuzu jam
5. Homemade sea salted caramel (+$80)
6. Cream cheese (+$100)

Come on in for a free tasting with our sommelier. Just call us to book an appointment and we'll be happy to walk you through our product line in a way that suits your budget.