Order T&C

Terms & Condition 條款及細則

All orders are subject to the following terms and conditions:



Ingredients 食材

Our products are freshly baked to order and include dairy products. Please note that our kitchen is generally used to prepare foods that contain these ingredients and also nuts. Please confirm with us if any questions before ordering.



Orders 訂購

Full payment is required to place the order and secure the date. For normal circumstances, the existing designs listed can be ordered 1 week in advance at least. Please note that order is subject to availability and on first come first serve basis.



Please note that we need to spend considerable time to manage and handmade each order.  If rescheduling of pick up / delivery date is needed, please notify us at least 7 working days in advance.  Rescheduling is subjected to availability of the new pick up / delivery date. Rescheduling in less than 3 working days ahead of original date will be charged HKD$300 for administration fee.

我們需要大量的時間處理訂單及製作產品。如果訂單的日期必需更改,請你提前最少在訂單日期7 個工作 天前跟我們提出改期,我們會視乎新的訂單日期還有沒有名額,才能決定可否接納改期要求。在訂單日期3個工作天內提出的改期,我們將有權收取港元$300行政費用。

No cancellation and refund would be accepted after the order is confirmed.  We also reserve the right to not accepting any reschedule request due to limited availability.



Bad Weather惡劣天氣安排

Service will be suspended once typhoon signal no. 8 or black rainstorm is hoisted.  Customer has to reschedule the pick up / delivery date to another date which is within 2 days of the original pick up / delivery date.



Miscellaneous 其他

The price of our works is not negotiable. The listed price is only applicable to the existing design.  If any amendment is needed, Flourishes HK Limited reserves the right to provide further quotation.  The actual price of the sweets depends on the finalized design requirement.


Please note that all of our works are handmade. It is very likely that the color and look of the product vary slightly from the reference photo. The product photo is for reference only.


Ingredients, decorations on products might be changed due to supply reason without further notice.


By settling the payment, you agree to accept the terms and condition.

In case of disputes, the decision of Flourishes HK Limited shall be final and binding.


如有任何爭議,Flourishes HK Limited保留最後的決定權。